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We put our clients first in everything we do. The success of our business is based on the success of your case. No matter what your situation is, we will work to protect your rights. The American judicial system is a complex institution, and our goal is to guide you through it.  

As a result of one of our most successful cases, Wang v. Attorney General, the Attorney General ordered immigration judges nationwide to evaluate their conduct and ascertain that they treat aliens with courtesy and respect in their courtrooms. 

As a Harvard graduate, our lead attorney, Mr. Dehai Zhang, has built an excellent reputation over a decade by advising our clients in multiple fields. We handle cases in Immigration, Matrimonial, Criminal and Estate Law

At the Law Offices of Dehai Zhang, we pride ourselves on our ability to speak multiple languages. That way, we can better cater to our clients needs and more accurately represent their cases. In addition to English, we speak Chinese, Cantonese, and Fuzhou dialect.

Your success is our success.

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