Ms. Dai is a capable and extremely skilled member of our team. She possesses a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Science in Information Systems. Ms. Dai's highly trained skill set allows her to best serve her clients. Within our firm, she manages a wide range of cases that focus on Matrimonial Law and Estate Law.


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Mr. John J. Dunn serves as an Of Counsel for our firm.  He is a well-respected attorney admitted to practice law in New York state and federal courts. Mr. Dunn holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, Professional Diploma in Administration and Supervision, and a Juris Doctor. Mr. Dunn’s Criminal Defense experience stems from his time as a Suffolk County Public Defender. His private clients are in Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Nassau, and Suffolk Criminal Court. John has experience in Trusts and Estates.

His Surrogate Court experience includes being appointed by the Surrogate Courts as Guardian ad Litem in the counties of Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Nassau, and Suffolk. John has also been appointed as Court Evaluator in Suffolk County Court. John has handled probate in many parts of New York State. He has also represented Personal Injury clients in the New York Metropolitan area and has helped them obtain settlements for automobile, slip and fall, and accident cases. He has represented clients, both plaintiff and defendants (Insurance companies), in over one thousand arbitrations.

Students and parents with Education Law problems will find a very strong and passionate advocate in John J. Dunn. Few attorneys have the experience and knowledge in educational matters that he has. John possesses a comprehensive understanding of the workings of school districts in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau and Suffolk.

John has been a chairman of the federal funded programs committee, the chairman of the personnel committee, and the chairman of the finance committee. John J. Dunn’s enjoys helping people with difficult legal matters. His door is always open for his clients.

Mr. Carl J. Kubic serves as an Of Counsel for our firm.  He has been practicing law in New York state since 1971. Over the course of 40+ years legal practice, Mr. Kubic had served New York County District Attorney's office, United States Securities and Exchange Commissions and various private law firms. Mr. Kubic has broad experience in Criminal ,Civil and Matrimonial  Litigation, as well as  Commercial and Residential Real Estate transactions. Mr. Kubic is a member of American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association and he is also a Adjunct Associate Professor of Law at St. John's University. 



Ms. Siu is from Hong Kong, China and is fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese. Since her addition to the firm in 2006, she has demonstrated herself to be an instrumental member of our team. Her exceptional attention to detail allows her to deliver top-notch work, resulting in the success of many cases. Ms. Siu's dedication to our clients is illustrated by her professionalism and endeavor to achieve excellence. Whatever the case may be, she undoubtedly handles it with the utmost care and concern. Specializing in Real Estate Transfers and Immigration, Ms. Siu always offers the highest quality assistance she can provide. She works from our Flushing office.

  • Sixth Circuit - Cincinnati, OH
  • Seventh Circuit - Chicago, IL
  • Ninth Circuit - San Francisco, CA
  • Tenth Circuit - Denver, CO
  • Eleventh Circuit - Atlanta, GA
  • First Circuit - Boston, MA
  • Second Circuit - New York, NY
  • Third Circuit - Philadelphia, PA
  • Fourth Circuit - Richmond, VA
  • Fifth Circuit - New Orleans, LA


Mr. Dehai Zhang holds a Master's degree from Harvard University in Theological Studies and a Juris Doctor degree from Touro Law Center in Long Island. His first law firm was established in early 2002, and focused on civil litigation which includes immigration, real estate and business transfers, criminal defense, matrimonial issues, and estate inheritance. Prior to forming his own private practice, he worked for personal injury law firms in Manhattan and Bronx.

Mr. Zhang has represented hundreds of individuals in the Supreme Court of New York, Immigration Court, and almost all Federal Courts of Appeals throughout the country. One of his most successful cases, Wang v. Attorney General 423 F.3d 260 (3rd Cir.2005), held that judges “have a responsibility to function as neutral and impartial arbiters and must assiduously refrain from becoming advocates for either party” and was covered on the front page of the
New York Times on December 26, 2005. The reports made by the New York Times and ABC news, amongst other things, prompted then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to launch a nationwide review of the immigration court system and issue two memos, ordering all 200 or so immigration judges to treat every alien in court with courtesy and respect (ABC News). The Wang case has been widely cited when judicial impartiality is being called into question, making this a landmark case​. 

DEHAI ZHANG, ESQ. 纽约执业22年+


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